Zipper vacuum sealer bags

Until now if you wanted to package items in a tamper resistant, easy to open, and re-close able vacuum sealer bag you needed to have an expensive chamber vacuum sealer.

I'm happy to announce those days are over, because the new zipper vacuum sealer bags will solve that problem and open up many new opportunities. They will even work with your existing Foodsaver or other Discount-store vacuum sealer.

To really grasp just how awesome the new bags are, please take a few minutes to watch the video below. I'm sure watching the video will definitely get your creative juices flowing, because a bag like this really has a ton of different uses and applications.

Zippe sala vacuum sealer bags
They can be used with most leading brand vacuum sealers

In my opinion, this is the biggest improvement to vacuum sealing since the pro 2300 vacuum sealer. I was so excited I used my original prototype of the pro 2300 to demo the bags with. If you visit the pro 2300 page you will notice I used the same machine and props that I did when I made the original videos with almost 5 years ago.

Now you can have store-quality packaging at home. Packaging for retail or packaging for friends could not be easier with these bags.

Our Zipper-seal vacuum sealer bags are available in three different sizes:
  • Pint - 6" x 10" (30-0206)
  • Quart - 8" x 12" (30-0208)
  • Gallon - 11" x 16" (30-0211)
  • Bottom Loading
  • Easy opening (with tear notches located on each side)
  • Reclosable zipper, to keep air out and keep things fresh longer.
    This will also reduce waste
  • integrated air-removal channels
  • Made from FDA listed food safe materials
Great for food and non-food uses!
  • Packaging treats for friends and family
  • Sending items to to our troops over seas
  • storing emergency items
  • Creating your own customized first aid kits.
  • limited-run product packaging
  • Making your own snack packs
  • and many more uses...
Click on the image above to watch the video and
learn more about the zipper resealable bags

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