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As a courtesy to our valued customers, we offer FREE ground shipping on all value and bulk case packs of our vacuum sealer bags & rolls.

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It is not our intention to use shipping fees charged to customers as a revenue generating tool. If you ever feel that the shipping cost were way out of proportion for what you ordered please contact us so we can make it right if we can.

Unfortunately shipping is expensive, with fuel cost rising this problem is not going to go away anytime soon. If you add a single item to your cart and check to see how much shipping is going to be on a single item you are sure to get the shock you were looking for. For each additional item placed in the cart the cost of shipping gets more reasonable.
This is because it cost a certain amount just to get the package to your location.

Think of it as driving a gas guzzler 10 miles each way to the store and only purchasing a single item like a can of soup. You may not realize it but you just paid shipping on that can of soup. Lets assume the truck got 10 miles to the gallon and we drove 10 miles each way. That trip would of hypothetically cost you 2 gallons of gas for shipping. At $4.00 a gallon shipping for one can of soup would of been $8.00. So the moral of the story above is that the more items you purchase in the transaction the more reasonable the shipping cost becomes.

Free Ground Shipping on case and value packs

To help customers over come this we have created value packs and case packs of our vacuum sealer bags and rolls. So when you order more of the product at once from us, we will give you free ground shipping on those items in the cart. If you order other items on the same transaction shipping will not be calculated on the free shipping items.

Free shipping is for orders that can go by ground truck only, so it not available for people living in AK or HW. If you are located in AK we may be able to ship it to you via USPS please call us on the phone to see what we can do.

We are a Stocking Dealer

We stock the items we sell. Unlike many of the places that sell stuff online through drop-shippers. Even though it raises our operations cost, we stock products for many reasons including:
To help ensure we can get products to our customers when many other places run out due to seasonal demands.

To better handle rush orders.

How we Ship Products

We can ship products through USPS, Fedex, and UPS. On orders where the customer pays the shipping, those choices based on the product specifics will appear during checkout. Some times shipper options change depending on the products being ordered.

How shipping is calculated
For each item that can be ordered, on the back end we have to enter in the items shipping dimensions and the weight of the product. This takes the form of length, width, height, and weight. During the checkout process after you have entered your shipping address the system attempts to contact the shipping provider with the package sizes and weight. If it is successful then the shipping amount that they estimated to be needed is calculated and added to the order. If for some reason it can't communicate realtime with the shipping provider then it will default to Freight Quote Needed and you will need to call us.

You can calculate the shipping before checking out by clicking on the cart link at the top of the page and entering your shipping zip code in the box.

Vacuum Sealers, Value and case packs with Free Shipping
For product that include free shipping like the value and case backs we choose the most cost effective method to ship products.

Shipping Locations

To best meet the needs of our customers we have two shipping locations we can ship products from.

Winchester, CA
The main place we ship from is our wear-house located in Winchester, CA 92596. We ship from here whenever we can because this allows us to ship items in a timely manner.

Strongsville, OH
This is our 2nd ship location it. We use it when we are out of stock in our Winchester location, or when it just makes more sense to ship the products from OH. In most cases we will ship from our CA location for value and case packs because we can better control the shipping method. This shipping location fulfills orders for many suppliers and some times this results in a shipping delay that we cannot control. So to avoid the possibly of delays for our customers orders we whenever possible ship form our CA location.


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